L’dor Vador

From generation to generation. As I write here this Thursday night, my wife is yet to come home from work. I just finished my Podcast talking about how the older generation needs to let go and pass on their knowledge, power, and influence to the next.

I do not really know what generation I am. I was born in 1979. If that makes me generation X, generation y, or a millenial I have no idea. I know I was in 1st grade when the Challenger blew up, in 4th grade when the Berlin Wall fell, and in my second year of law school on 9/11. Those are the 3 true where were you moments of my life.

I graduated law school ten years ago. I have been married for four. Life goes on. The question becomes, when does the older generation cede power to a new force? When does the helmet come off of Vader? Presently, there are massive institutional changes happening both on a world and local level. There is a new Bishop of Rome. There will be new middle linebackers and free safeties at M & T Bank Stadium come September 5. A more libertarian Republican party is emerging. There are problems with all of these things.

Is the new Pope a great change or more of the same? There has been much questioning of the church. Many wish it to go in a direction that is unlikely. They want a recognition of female priests, abortion, gay marriage and many other things they are proper. These people are delusional. The fact that the church will reform to some degree is great. Such great change as desired is not feasible. The change in a two thousand year old institution is slow. Slow and steady wins the race. We should all know this by now. Change takes time. It is not instant. The fact that Francis is from South America and chose a new name is progress. Let us see what happens with the rest of the problems.

The Ravens are reigning world champions. They did not win the trophy by being stupid. They did not win the trophy by being sentimental. They won it by being smarter. They know what they are doing and deserve the benefit of the doubt and fans have no right to complain for at least five years if things are going poorly. Remember that banner that will be raised. It was magical. This is the price to pay for it. Five straight years of playoff appearances. Five straight years of wins in the playoffs. No complaints. I may very well name my first born Reed. That does not mean that the Ravens should overpay for him. Right player, right price. Come and talk to me on September 6. I will be in Vegas but I will know if we have won the night before and whether to despair. Until then, and even for five more years, no complaining. It is time for a new generation. Number 52 passed it on during the playoff run. It is time for fans to accept it.

The Republican Party is also undergoing a transformation. Justin Amash is speaking out against silly go along to get along policies. Rand Paul is taking his father’s torch and sprinting with it. There is excitement that has been lacking since Reagan. Excitement is the key. The Party needs to focus on the youth and the next generation. Pass it on. This nation has been at war for a dozen years. My nephew is in first grade and a genius. He has not lived in a country not at war. He has not lived in a country not spying on its citizens. He has not lived in a country not indefinitely detaining people. This is shameful. Why do Americans  not feel shame? We need a party that points out the folly of unlimited war and unlimited spending. It may be happening. The old guard is pushing back. It is fighting against the “wackobirds.” They have power and do not want to lose it. No entity that has power wants to lose it. The question is not what is best for those in power, but what is best for the majority. I say let it go man. Let it go. There are those that have ideas and those that have desire who can make it better for all of us. Personally, I have drank too much Dewar’s to properly enunciate my opinions, but a Republican party that lacks the ick factor would be welcome. As I become more acquainted with some of the more, shall we say, fringe elements of the Libertarian Party, I become more disconcerted. They are very fringe. There is a lack of pragmatism. There is a lack of reality. There is a process that must be followed. Sure the government should not be involved in marriage, but they are and we must figure out how to deal with it. We need to figure out how to deal with the situation on the ground, not how we want it to be. How can we make government less invasive in our lives? How can we reduce the laws and regulations in existence? This should be the priority. It is up to the new generation to figure out the solution. It is time for the old timers to hang it up. This goes for McCain and the New Age Outlaws. L’dor Vador.



About timothysutton

Hey, I'm Tim. I am a native Marylander. I did live in South Carolina for three years when I became a gamecock. I believe in a smaller government and a debate on how to make that happen. I drink bourbon because I am an American and it is my God given right to imbibe on such fine nectar. I need a new bookcase because of my obsession with reading. It helped me pass the time when I was young and my mother wouldn't let me go outside. Between that and all the bacon she put in the green beans it is a wonder I don't weigh 300 pounds yet. I hope you like what you read and let me know what you think.
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2 Responses to L’dor Vador

  1. Zinzindor says:

    Looks pretty interesting. Have you considered commentary on local and state issues? For those who “believe in smaller government”, Maryland provides a lot of fodder.

    — Zinzindor

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